Gorilla sweatshirt from Toxico clothing is a fashion girl staple for a cozy and cute look for this season. Here’s a chance to let your style shine through with this gorilla print design. 

The catch is its classic black heather and wide neck which makes it adorable. A Raglan cut gives it a throwback touch, designed to give more freedom of movement. It’s ideal for any season regardless of the weather and a lazy indoor activity on the couch.

The sweatshirt can serve many purposes due to its versatility. Fitted bottoms go well 

with the Gorilla print sweatshirt. To be creative, experiment with boldly colored design pants to add your personality to your outfit. They can be paired with matching sweatpants or classic black leggings for a cute look. 

Go from plain styles to print design and bright options. Don’t concentrate on the bottoms alone, add class and sass to your looks. Let the world see you are tackling the day in a unique style. Team the Gorilla sweatshirt with thigh-high boots, sneakers, or beautiful slippers to define you. A pair of sunglasses would put the perfect finish to the dressing.

Toxico clothing sweatshirt feels like a T-shirt. It is lightweight and slightly slimmer to give perfect comfort. An added advantage is that it’s made from 100% organic cotton of 280gsm for a perfect hybrid of cozy and stylish. 

Go from glam to sporty with the gorilla sweatshirt. It is a trailblazer and blurs the line between a fashion piece and sportswear. Team the piece with crop fit pants for your yoga sessions or dance classes. 

There is nothing classier than the Toxico gorilla sweatshirts easily pickable at the Egg and Chips Stores, London. Guess what, you can wear it with a leather blazer on a sleek pant to work.