Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress – by Jawbreaker Clothing

Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing
Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing


Jawbreaker Clothing again comes with a uniqueness that is rivalled by known in the clothing line with this Skull Striped A-Symmetric Dress design available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

The Jawbreaker’s Skull Striped A-Symmetric Dress is an exquisite see through sleeveless no lining black dress for the young, bubbling and outgoing girl ready to rock her world.

This free flowing black dress has an opaque black skull panel over the bust and midriff creating a fit and unique style only the classy and fashionable can appreciate. It gives you are a feel of been seen and noticed, boosting your confidence level.

The dress alternates the black skull and sheer mesh panels from the neck downwards helping to accentuate the beauty of this all black style clothing sure able to bring out the beautiful side of you.

Jawbreaker’s use of asymmetrical hem around the edges helps to give it a feel of its own and a firm grip that keeps you going with a swing and adding a spring to your steps.

It’s an exact fit dress by Jawbreaker providing cute summer clothing for all irrespective of your size; small, medium, large or extra-large.

Though the Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress looks light, it offers you high-quality fabric at 97% polyester and 3% elastane, able to withstand series of washing without a dull look or wearing out soon.

What else but to stand out, be noticed, celebrate your sense of style and fashion at that social event or hanging out with friends than in a Skull Striped A-symmertric dress by Jawbreaker.

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to place your order now at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London and your package is sure on the way to your location. All with a 14-day Money-Back-Guarantee and in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.