Just landed! Introducing Ed Hardy

We’re thrilled to introduce Ed Hardy to our range of awesome alternative products. As big fans of tattoo artwork, we love the bold ink designs that Ed uses to make his collection look amazing.

loverboy polo shirt backYou can’t beat a classic white polo shirt for summer… Or can you? We reckon the Loverboy Classic Polo Shirt is pretty damn cool. It’s the best of both worlds as a classic fitting white polo from the front with a truly badass wolf design on the back. www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-loverboy-classic-polo-shirt

We love the retro humour in the Sailor Couple T-Shirt. It fits perfectly whilst displaying incredible tattoo artwork of a typical vintage sailor pair. Definitely your go-to tee for summer parties and barbecued! www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-sailor-couple-t-shirt
Keith Richards Blue Panther SweaterCrew neck sweatshirts are great for chucking on after a session at the gym. Show off your edgy alternative style whilst keeping it casual with one of these wicked tattoo design sweatshirts. Skull Snake Eagle Battle: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-skull-snake-eagle-battle-crew-neck-sweater, Keith Richards Blue Panther: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-keith-richards-blue-panther-sweatshirt and Kamikaze: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-kamikaze-crew-neck-sweatshirt

Geisha Girl Love and Luck Eau de ParfumWe’re also excited to announce our first perfumes. Ladies can choose from a range of scents in beautifully decorated bottles with more of that stunning tattoo artwork. Geisha Love and Luck (100ml also available) has a soft and feminine fragrance of fruit and flowers whilst Love and Luck has a seductive and heady vintage aroma. Geisha: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-geisha-love-and-luck-eau-de-parfum-30-ml and Love and Luck: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-love-and-luck-womens-eau-de-parfum-100-ml-edp-spray

Keep checking in to our Ed Hardy range to see what else we’ve got in store for you here: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy