Jawbreaker’s Pin-up Mermaid Top

Jawbreaker’s Pin-up Mermaid Top
Jawbreaker’s Pin-up Mermaid Top

The Jawbreaker team is at it again with the Jawbreaker’s Pin-Up Mermaid Top, a unique, feminist top available at the Egg n Chips clothing, London.

The Pin-up Mermaid top is an eye-popping ‘you-can’t-just-get-enough-of-it’ black summer top. It comes with features that help call attention to your body structure and delicate skin with its well-trimmed body design.

It’s a free flowing sleeveless top that fits true to size with its scooped neckline to help accentuate the looks. The Pin-up Mermaid top offers an exquisite and elegant aquatic print splendour of a mermaid in the jugular of a shark, with leaves and other sea animals all in front.

The rear of the mermaid print top offers a plain black print showcasing a tie-up back lace details for a change in a free flowing style. The pin-up mermaid top is a complete embodiment of a lady who’s got an excellent taste, class and a sense of style. As the black and white shark print is known to represent class and worn by the bold and sassy.

Jawbreaker is known for excellent print design, another reason the pin-up mermaid top can offer you a guarantee the print has no reason to fade out soon. With a 95% Polyester and a 5% elastane, you have a durable piece of a top for all time this summer. So feel free to wash away with no fears.

Your pin-up mermaid top can combine perfectly with a wide variety of skirts and trouser designs for a cool evening outing or social event with friends.

It comes in three major sizes of small, medium and large, you can examine our guide for your style advice before purchase. Order now for yourself and your loved ones at the Egg n Chips clothing, London and receive your orders without any delays.

Remember all orders come with a 14-day money back guarantee so start ordering now, and enjoy Egg n Chips clothing hospitality like never before!