Jawbreaker Clothing – Vitriol Skull Mesh T-Shirt

Jawbreaker Clothing - Vitriol Skull Mesh T-Shirt
Jawbreaker Clothing – Vitriol Skull Mesh T-Shirt

Jawbreaker presents this ancient print concept on a black top, a unique design only for the daring, brave at heart and available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

The Jawbreaker’s Vitriol Skull Mesh T-shirt offers a crazy concept, an elegant tank top print using Occult Motif prints; it sure makes you the cheer leader!

The Vitriol Skull Mesh t-shirt is a sleeveless, round low neck black top with a fine blend of black and white print design all in front. The Vitriol t-shirt in front showcases print concepts of the human eye, the human skull, a flying insect, triangular shapes and other occult symbols to call attention.

And if you ever gave a thought to bare necessities then the Vitriol Skull Mesh t-shirt’s rear is just all you need. The rear offers a mesh, translucent see through top using skull designs all through the top’s rear.

The choice of a sleeveless round low neck mesh all adds to make the Vitriol Skull Mesh T-shirt a kill and a must have. Only the bold, classy and fashionable wardrobe can appreciate this elegant masterpiece from the Jawbreaker stable.

It’s an elongated and relaxed fit design so it should fit perfectly a small to large size body structure. The 95% rayon and 5% elastane fabric quality further guarantees a well-fitting body structure. The hi-tech print quality for which Jawbreaker is associated also guarantees durable print designs and a long-washing experience.

Overall, the Vitriol Skull Mesh t-shirt is just what you need now for the next night out with friends, social event or evening with that special someone.

Waste no more time now to order Jawbreakers Vitriol Skull Mesh T-shirt at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London and experience our hospitality. Let’s get packing! You sure get nothing but value for your money at Egg n Chips Clothing. It comes with a-14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked but in line with company’s return policy.