Jawbreaker Clothing – Ouija Board Vest

Jawbreaker Clothing - Ouija Board Vest
Jawbreaker Clothing – Ouija Board Vest

If you have forgotten so soon your pre-school days, well Jawbreaker Clothing here brings to remembrance, your alphabets and numerical number days. The Jawbreaker family presents Ouija Board Vest incorporating the alpha-numeric black and white print concept that even your kids can relate with perfectly.

Jawbreaker Clothing’s Ouija Board Vest offers an eloquent black top of fine white print that says a lot about your personality. It is a top with a touch of class, exquisite taste, and style only available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

The Ouija Board Vest avails you a sleeveless round low neck black tank top using striking high-quality print technology. The choice of bows as a strap further helps to keep the top firm on your body but with an elongated body fit.

What immediately strikes the onlooker on seeing you are the artistic displays using Goth Motif prints in front. Also, appealing is the baby-friendly use of Alpha-numeric concepts, Yes & No and Goodbye inscriptions. All front designs add to increase the tops’ sensuality.

The rear of the vest is a shocker! A black mesh skull design is surely not what to expect. But that’s why Jawbreaker designs always get you hooked in the first place! The free flowing black mesh skull designs at the rear makes you the center of gravity as you bare necessities.

It comes in as much as three variety of small, medium and large size for a relaxed fit-to-body structure. So get your style advice before purchase.

The Ouija Board tank top vest is 95% Rayon and 5% elastane giving it much durability and a long-lasting wash experience ever!

Your night-out-with-friends wardrobe cannot be complete except with the presence of the Jawbreaker’s Ouija Board vest.

So if you think you’re sassy, classy and trendy you sure must have this rear masterpiece in your collection. Order yours now at UK’s leading alternative clothing store, the Egg n Chips Clothing London. And enjoy quick delivery with a-14 day money back guarantee, hassle-free only at Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

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