Jawbreaker Clothing – Moonstone Lace Up Back Top

Jawbreaker Clothing - Moonstone Lace Up Back Top
Jawbreaker Clothing – Moonstone Lace Up Back Top

The Moonstone Lace Up Back Top by Jawbreaker Clothing offers a unique and elegant design for a top. The Moonstone top can sure cause your audience alike turning their necks just to catch a glimpse of you all way round.

The Jawbreaker’s Moonstone lace up back top is available at UK’s leading alternative clothing store. As it can only be Egg n Chips Clothing, London to make available this must have for the young, trendy and good looking lady.

It offers a unique moonstone print design only for the bold and daring with a scary abstract occult print concept in front. It displays a human-faced half-moon, the human skull, palm, and human-faced Sun, all to spice up your looks.

The rear of the top presents a splendid moonlight blue-black and white print concept with a lace up back. The Moonstone top concept offers a critical design only appreciated by the smart, young and sassy lady.

Jawbreaker’s choice of a sleeveless round low neck Moonstone Body-cone dress sure places it as a conjurer of fashionable clothing, promoting your style and sensuality!

It’s an unbeatable midnight trail-blazing print concept best suitable for party time, social events and hangouts with family and friends.

With a fabric of 95% cotton and 5% elastane Jawbreaker’s clothing and prints are known to be of the highest quality at industry standards.

The Moonstone top is a free flowing relaxed to fit top presenting a variety of small to large-sized tops to fit any body structure. The Jawbreaker’s Moonstone Lace Up Top leaves you with no worries about the fabric and print quality. It guarantees long-last washing and wearing experience.

Place your order now at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London and enjoy our 14-day money back guarantee. Always remember to check through company’s return policy for your protection.