Grey Death Angel Jumper Dress by Toxico Clothing

Grey Death Angel Jumper Dress by Toxico Clothing
Grey Death Angel Jumper Dress by Toxico Clothing


The Grey Death Angel Jumper dress presents an exhilarating and elegant clothing that sure can position you at the peak of the game always. The Angel Jumper dress keeps you feeling right all the way, made for the young and daring and available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.


Grey Death Angel Jumper dress gives you a hooded look in this all ladies, charcoal grey off-shoulder mini gown. It comprises an exquisite blend of intricate print concepts on a well-sewn fabric so that you get your confidence level up.


Grey death jumper dress is a long sleeved charcoal-grey mini gown with high-quality print designs. It displays objects that should give you the creases but instead helps you stomach life’s true essence.


It’s screen printed by hand and offers print designs at the front alone displaying symbols of royalty and occultism in black print. Symbols such as a bird with a human skull, a royal crown over the skull and the seers’ mystic device all add to give you the needed touch of class and showmanship.


The Grey Death Angel jumper dress is just the perfect gift item this summer season for that person you care so much for and is dear to your heart. It’s an excellent attire for parties, a night out with friends and other social outings with that special someone.


With a fabric quality of 65% polyester and 35% viscose the Death Angel Jumper dress guarantees durability and excellent washing experience with an elongated lifespan.


As for size indications, the Grey Death angel dress comes in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large so worry no more as we got you covered.


Place your order today and expect speedy delivery of your shipment to your designated location. Remember that your purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee in line with Egg n Chips, London return policy.