The Clock is Ticking Cami by Jawbreaker Clothing

The Clock is Ticking Cami by Jawbreaker Clothing
The Clock is Ticking Cami by Jawbreaker Clothing

The Clock is Ticking Cami by the Jawbreaker Clothing presents a thought-provoking and eye-popping spaghetti top that tends to activate your sensuality. The Clock is Ticking Cami, available at UK’s leading alternative clothing store; Egg n Chips fitted only right to body size and meant for the young, sexy, classy and fashionable lady.


It brings out your most important body indices, making your curves visible enough to be the centre of attraction. It’s sleeveless spaghetti top with lace around the neckline to create further appeal.


The waist length spaghetti top comes in an all-around black background. Jawbreaker helps accentuate the beauty of the shirt by using the human skull concept to evoke a mystical feeling and play around with words and figures.


Now, besides the skull in front what do you see, numbers and alphabets? Well, yes and no! Yes because Jawbreaker takes you back to the beginning of your numbers and alphabet experience. No, because, just ‘MAYBE’ Jawbreaker gives you a choice to pick your numbers and spell your words the way you deem fit using alphabets. But if we are to spell, it would be; ‘place your order now!’


The rear of the top helps bare necessities and keeps the focus on you always with lace back designs. The lace concept uses an all-black human skull and flower design in a bid to boost your confidence.


But because the Clock is Ticking Cami is a true fit to body size it comes in sizes of small to extra-large, so Jawbreaker’s got you covered.


Due to its delicate material, Jawbreaker uses high-quality fabric of 87% polyester and 13% elastane on hi-tech prints to ensure durability and long-lasting colour retention. So wash away either by hand or machine but following washing instructions.


Place your order right away and enjoy Egg n Chips hospitality with immediate delivery to your designated address. All purchases come with a 14-day money-back-guarantee in line with Egg n Chips Company, London return policy.