Charcoal Skull Jumper Dress by Toxico Clothing

Charcoal Skull Jumper Dress by Toxico Clothing
Charcoal Skull Jumper Dress by Toxico Clothing


Yeah, you can only get the true meaning of feeling hot and sassy when you wore the Charcoal Skull jumper dress by Toxico Clothing and made available at UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chips Clothing, London.


The Charcoal skull jumper dress is one of Toxico clothing’s ways of bringing out the bad girl in you! With this bodycon Bardot-fit dress virtually no eyes will find it easy to let go of you as it reveals your curvy nature, leaving no stone unturned.


The choice of a tight-fitting grey band at the bottom edge and sleeve’s wrist is well calculated by Toxico clothing to further keep your clothing firm on you and exploiting your sexiness to the fullest.


It’s a grey colour off-shoulder clinging gown with lovely trans-skull print in front and at the sleeves to give it the hoody and sexy feeling for that special occasion.


The charcoal jumper dress uses a high sense print technology in crafting the human skull in front using silkscreen prints by hand, all to accentuate the quality and give it the touch of class it deserves.


To help ensure a long-lasting usage experience and easy washing the Charcoal jumper gown structures comprises of 65% polyester and 35% viscose fabric of the highest quality. The material is so luxurious and exquisite you have no worries down the ages.


Charcoal jumper dress comes in a broad category of sizes of small to extra-large as Toxico clothing has you covered. So, let’s make that exclusive party, prom, social event, night out with friends or that special someone a real blast and an unforgettable experience.


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