Jawbreaker Clothing – Vitriol Skull Mesh T-Shirt

Jawbreaker Clothing - Vitriol Skull Mesh T-Shirt
Jawbreaker Clothing – Vitriol Skull Mesh T-Shirt

Jawbreaker presents this ancient print concept on a black top, a unique design only for the daring, brave at heart and available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

The Jawbreaker’s Vitriol Skull Mesh T-shirt offers a crazy concept, an elegant tank top print using Occult Motif prints; it sure makes you the cheer leader!

The Vitriol Skull Mesh t-shirt is a sleeveless, round low neck black top with a fine blend of black and white print design all in front. The Vitriol t-shirt in front showcases print concepts of the human eye, the human skull, a flying insect, triangular shapes and other occult symbols to call attention.

And if you ever gave a thought to bare necessities then the Vitriol Skull Mesh t-shirt’s rear is just all you need. The rear offers a mesh, translucent see through top using skull designs all through the top’s rear.

The choice of a sleeveless round low neck mesh all adds to make the Vitriol Skull Mesh T-shirt a kill and a must have. Only the bold, classy and fashionable wardrobe can appreciate this elegant masterpiece from the Jawbreaker stable.

It’s an elongated and relaxed fit design so it should fit perfectly a small to large size body structure. The 95% rayon and 5% elastane fabric quality further guarantees a well-fitting body structure. The hi-tech print quality for which Jawbreaker is associated also guarantees durable print designs and a long-washing experience.

Overall, the Vitriol Skull Mesh t-shirt is just what you need now for the next night out with friends, social event or evening with that special someone.

Waste no more time now to order Jawbreakers Vitriol Skull Mesh T-shirt at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London and experience our hospitality. Let’s get packing! You sure get nothing but value for your money at Egg n Chips Clothing. It comes with a-14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked but in line with company’s return policy.

Jawbreaker’s Pin-up Mermaid Top

Jawbreaker’s Pin-up Mermaid Top
Jawbreaker’s Pin-up Mermaid Top

The Jawbreaker team is at it again with the Jawbreaker’s Pin-Up Mermaid Top, a unique, feminist top available at the Egg n Chips clothing, London.

The Pin-up Mermaid top is an eye-popping ‘you-can’t-just-get-enough-of-it’ black summer top. It comes with features that help call attention to your body structure and delicate skin with its well-trimmed body design.

It’s a free flowing sleeveless top that fits true to size with its scooped neckline to help accentuate the looks. The Pin-up Mermaid top offers an exquisite and elegant aquatic print splendour of a mermaid in the jugular of a shark, with leaves and other sea animals all in front.

The rear of the mermaid print top offers a plain black print showcasing a tie-up back lace details for a change in a free flowing style. The pin-up mermaid top is a complete embodiment of a lady who’s got an excellent taste, class and a sense of style. As the black and white shark print is known to represent class and worn by the bold and sassy.

Jawbreaker is known for excellent print design, another reason the pin-up mermaid top can offer you a guarantee the print has no reason to fade out soon. With a 95% Polyester and a 5% elastane, you have a durable piece of a top for all time this summer. So feel free to wash away with no fears.

Your pin-up mermaid top can combine perfectly with a wide variety of skirts and trouser designs for a cool evening outing or social event with friends.

It comes in three major sizes of small, medium and large, you can examine our guide for your style advice before purchase. Order now for yourself and your loved ones at the Egg n Chips clothing, London and receive your orders without any delays.

Remember all orders come with a 14-day money back guarantee so start ordering now, and enjoy Egg n Chips clothing hospitality like never before!

Jawbreaker Clothing – Moonstone Lace Up Back Top

Jawbreaker Clothing - Moonstone Lace Up Back Top
Jawbreaker Clothing – Moonstone Lace Up Back Top

The Moonstone Lace Up Back Top by Jawbreaker Clothing offers a unique and elegant design for a top. The Moonstone top can sure cause your audience alike turning their necks just to catch a glimpse of you all way round.

The Jawbreaker’s Moonstone lace up back top is available at UK’s leading alternative clothing store. As it can only be Egg n Chips Clothing, London to make available this must have for the young, trendy and good looking lady.

It offers a unique moonstone print design only for the bold and daring with a scary abstract occult print concept in front. It displays a human-faced half-moon, the human skull, palm, and human-faced Sun, all to spice up your looks.

The rear of the top presents a splendid moonlight blue-black and white print concept with a lace up back. The Moonstone top concept offers a critical design only appreciated by the smart, young and sassy lady.

Jawbreaker’s choice of a sleeveless round low neck Moonstone Body-cone dress sure places it as a conjurer of fashionable clothing, promoting your style and sensuality!

It’s an unbeatable midnight trail-blazing print concept best suitable for party time, social events and hangouts with family and friends.

With a fabric of 95% cotton and 5% elastane Jawbreaker’s clothing and prints are known to be of the highest quality at industry standards.

The Moonstone top is a free flowing relaxed to fit top presenting a variety of small to large-sized tops to fit any body structure. The Jawbreaker’s Moonstone Lace Up Top leaves you with no worries about the fabric and print quality. It guarantees long-last washing and wearing experience.

Place your order now at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London and enjoy our 14-day money back guarantee. Always remember to check through company’s return policy for your protection.

Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress – by Jawbreaker Clothing

Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing
Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing


Jawbreaker Clothing again comes with a uniqueness that is rivalled by known in the clothing line with this Skull Striped A-Symmetric Dress design available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

The Jawbreaker’s Skull Striped A-Symmetric Dress is an exquisite see through sleeveless no lining black dress for the young, bubbling and outgoing girl ready to rock her world.

This free flowing black dress has an opaque black skull panel over the bust and midriff creating a fit and unique style only the classy and fashionable can appreciate. It gives you are a feel of been seen and noticed, boosting your confidence level.

The dress alternates the black skull and sheer mesh panels from the neck downwards helping to accentuate the beauty of this all black style clothing sure able to bring out the beautiful side of you.

Jawbreaker’s use of asymmetrical hem around the edges helps to give it a feel of its own and a firm grip that keeps you going with a swing and adding a spring to your steps.

It’s an exact fit dress by Jawbreaker providing cute summer clothing for all irrespective of your size; small, medium, large or extra-large.

Though the Skull Striped A-Symmertric Dress looks light, it offers you high-quality fabric at 97% polyester and 3% elastane, able to withstand series of washing without a dull look or wearing out soon.

What else but to stand out, be noticed, celebrate your sense of style and fashion at that social event or hanging out with friends than in a Skull Striped A-symmertric dress by Jawbreaker.

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to place your order now at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London and your package is sure on the way to your location. All with a 14-day Money-Back-Guarantee and in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.

In the Band Top – by Jawbreaker Clothing

In the Band Top - by Jawbreaker Clothing
In the Band Top – by Jawbreaker Clothing


Jawbreaker in the Band Top is an over-sized black vest with the inscription, ‘In The Band’ boldly printed in front and available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London meant for the smart, cheeky and good looking girl on the block.

The Jawbreaker in the Band top is a sleeveless, waist length top with a scoop neckline that set you on fire ready to conquer your world.

In a rare combination of concept, the Jawbreaker’s choice of printed text in front of the top and a beautifully printed skull design covering the entire back is an unexpected combo that keeps heads turning when you approach in Jawbreaker’s in the band vest.

This light weight breathable clothing gives you the freedom to be yourself and not feel choked. Its 100% rayon material keeps you warm as well as fit into the summer season for a casual early evening outing, social function or a hangout with friends.

The hi-tech printable material offers you a superb print style with a relaxed fit that ensures you get a value for your money as it sure won’t fade out after a few wash or wear out so fast. It means you are bound to keep your groove going longer than you can ever dare to remember.

Jawbreaker’s In the Band top is a must for today’s exciting, young, bold and daring girl who’s got her confidence intact.

Because of its oversized nature, the in the band top only comes in three distinct sizes of small, medium and large making it every lady’s delight.

The in the Band top is available now at the Eggs n Chips clothing and at pocket-friendly prices. Every order you make comes with immediate despatch, and with a 14-day Money-Back-Guarantee, all in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.

Light N Morbid Skater Dress – by Jawbreaker

Light N Morbid Skater Dress - by Jawbreaker
Light N Morbid Skater Dress – by Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker clothing this time has gone one more step ahead of the league with its Light N Morbid Skater Dress that makes you irresistible before your peers and available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

The Jawbreaker’s Light n Morbid dress is a beige skater dress that brings you into public glare feeling confident, yuppie and sassy with no holdback. It offers an exquisitely designed sleeveless skeletal print dress that gives the mystical touch such that everyone wants to know who you truly are.

Jawbreaker’s skeletal and plant print design brings out the beauty inherent in you, drawing attention to the real essence of life; a life that’s beautiful, a life dedicated to growth. If anything to go by, the Light n Morbid Skater dress expresses your readiness to embrace life to it fullest.

Armed with a black meshed back that bares necessities and a well-shaped mini gown fled skirt, it adds more spring to your movement so that you sure are ready to step out in style and a class of your own.

The Light n Morbid Skater dress leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you stand to notice as it comes in a true to size fit style with room to stretch, assuring you that whether a size 6 or a size 16 we have got you covered.

Its scoop neckline allows ample space to enjoy the freedom to be real even in this summer season making it the perfect wear for that evening outing, party, dinner and other social events that you have been longing to attend.

Made of 97% polyester and 3% elastane, the Light n Morbid Skater Dress added to the well-printed designs assures you of continuous wear without a tear or fade so soon.

Leave no time to order now at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London and get ready to rock as we guarantee not only speedy delivery but a 14-day Money-Back Guarantee in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.

Lace and Strap Top – by Jawbreaker Clothing

Lace and Strap Top - by Jawbreaker Clothing
Lace and Strap Top – by Jawbreaker Clothing


The Jawbreaker’s Lace and Straps Top is an utterly cute lace top with all it takes to create a stunning appeal for today’s fashion conscious girl and available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing London.

This lovely looking black lace top gives you a touch of good looks, embedded in a pendulum style black top with a pleated under-bust to keep you feeling full of zest and confident always. A dark coloured shirt is known to give you the hooded look of seriousness, but in a black top, it sure gets you noticed even more.

The Lace and Straps Top by Jawbreaker is another showmanship by the Jawbreaker Clothing meant for the young, trendy and outgoing girl. The dress design stands you out in the crowd; as the sleeveless top having a criss-cross strap with a delicate lace back panel and a scooped neckline completes your looks anytime, anywhere.

Having this Jawbreaker’s Lace and Straps top is a statement in your wardrobe collection as it naturally combines with any bottom in your collections only thought of by Jawbreaker Clothing.

The Lace and Straps top offers you not only good looking attire but clothing made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane fabric of a high quality. It is usable for a long time coming with the assurance of several washes without a fade out or a wear out so soon.

Jawbreaker’s design in structured taking into consideration each person’s size and the Lace and trap top sure has your body specs available. So nurse no fear as the Lace and Straps top fits true to size and available in small, medium, large and extra-large.

An outing in Jawbreaker’s Lace and Straps top is just what you need to get your groove going. So why wait to get your groove back, when an order now at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London should put you right on track.

Get your package ordered and delivered, no delays with a 14-day-Money-Back-Guarantee all in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.

Just landed! Introducing Ed Hardy

We’re thrilled to introduce Ed Hardy to our range of awesome alternative products. As big fans of tattoo artwork, we love the bold ink designs that Ed uses to make his collection look amazing.

loverboy polo shirt backYou can’t beat a classic white polo shirt for summer… Or can you? We reckon the Loverboy Classic Polo Shirt is pretty damn cool. It’s the best of both worlds as a classic fitting white polo from the front with a truly badass wolf design on the back. www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-loverboy-classic-polo-shirt

We love the retro humour in the Sailor Couple T-Shirt. It fits perfectly whilst displaying incredible tattoo artwork of a typical vintage sailor pair. Definitely your go-to tee for summer parties and barbecued! www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-sailor-couple-t-shirt
Keith Richards Blue Panther SweaterCrew neck sweatshirts are great for chucking on after a session at the gym. Show off your edgy alternative style whilst keeping it casual with one of these wicked tattoo design sweatshirts. Skull Snake Eagle Battle: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-skull-snake-eagle-battle-crew-neck-sweater, Keith Richards Blue Panther: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-keith-richards-blue-panther-sweatshirt and Kamikaze: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-kamikaze-crew-neck-sweatshirt

Geisha Girl Love and Luck Eau de ParfumWe’re also excited to announce our first perfumes. Ladies can choose from a range of scents in beautifully decorated bottles with more of that stunning tattoo artwork. Geisha Love and Luck (100ml also available) has a soft and feminine fragrance of fruit and flowers whilst Love and Luck has a seductive and heady vintage aroma. Geisha: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-geisha-love-and-luck-eau-de-parfum-30-ml and Love and Luck: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy/products/ed-hardy-love-and-luck-womens-eau-de-parfum-100-ml-edp-spray

Keep checking in to our Ed Hardy range to see what else we’ve got in store for you here: www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/collections/ed-hardy

Red Sugar Kitty Cardigan by Banned Apparel

Red Sugar Kitty Cardigan
Red Sugar Kitty Cardigan

Beautiful new Red Sugar Kitty Cardigan, we totally love tattoo clothing here at Egg and Chips Clothing and we certainly love this sugar kitty cardigan.

It comes in a beautiful red with sugar skull kitties embroidered onto the chest, if you’re looking for a mix of tattoo and cute kitty cats. This cardigan is for you, see it here: http://www.eggnchipsclothing.co.uk/products/banned-clothing-red-sugar-kitty-cardigan