In the Band Top – by Jawbreaker Clothing

In the Band Top - by Jawbreaker Clothing
In the Band Top – by Jawbreaker Clothing


Jawbreaker in the Band Top is an over-sized black vest with the inscription, ‘In The Band’ boldly printed in front and available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London meant for the smart, cheeky and good looking girl on the block.

The Jawbreaker in the Band top is a sleeveless, waist length top with a scoop neckline that set you on fire ready to conquer your world.

In a rare combination of concept, the Jawbreaker’s choice of printed text in front of the top and a beautifully printed skull design covering the entire back is an unexpected combo that keeps heads turning when you approach in Jawbreaker’s in the band vest.

This light weight breathable clothing gives you the freedom to be yourself and not feel choked. Its 100% rayon material keeps you warm as well as fit into the summer season for a casual early evening outing, social function or a hangout with friends.

The hi-tech printable material offers you a superb print style with a relaxed fit that ensures you get a value for your money as it sure won’t fade out after a few wash or wear out so fast. It means you are bound to keep your groove going longer than you can ever dare to remember.

Jawbreaker’s In the Band top is a must for today’s exciting, young, bold and daring girl who’s got her confidence intact.

Because of its oversized nature, the in the band top only comes in three distinct sizes of small, medium and large making it every lady’s delight.

The in the Band top is available now at the Eggs n Chips clothing and at pocket-friendly prices. Every order you make comes with immediate despatch, and with a 14-day Money-Back-Guarantee, all in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.